The challenge

HBI Australia partnered with loss adjusting firm Asta Group to rectify the East on Byron luxury resort after a November 2013 Hail storm. The large loss repair scope included a replacement of the entire 4,600m2 roof.  An 8-week repair cycle with the resort staying fully operational was agreed on, with the insurer and the East on Byron management.

The result

HBI Australia exceeded expectations and carried out an accelerated repair of 5 weeks to minimise impact to the resort and ensure a speedy closure on the large loss claim for our client. Not only was the project successfully carried out in just 5 weeks, we were challenged by 2 weeks of downtime due to wet weather during this period. This challenge was recognised by both the resort management and insurer partner and added to the fast, dynamic and professional HBI Australia experience. Challenged by two weeks of rain during the repair work, we were able to overcome the downtime due to wet weather and still carry out the project successfully in only 5 weeks. Avoiding any potential delay was recognised and appreciated by both the resort management and our client. Another HBI Australia experience with fast dynamic professionalism.

The East on Byron management would like to acknowledge the professionalism of your company HBI Australia throughout the tough task of re-roofing the entire 4 600m2 complex, while this prominent resort stayed operational. Despite the 2 weeks of torrential rain and high winds we received during the project, HBI Australia still managed to carry out the project in just 5 weeks.


East of Byron